The kind of day a writer dreams of having…

But first let me show you the answer to yesterday’s wildlife trivia. The answer is a Colugo. Also known (erroneously) as a flying lemur. It’s a herbivore mammal that flies (well, glides actually) using a membrane that stretches from the tail via back and front legs to the sides of the neck.

And now for the nice things that happened today. Well, first I realised someone posted 3 rave 5-star reviews on Amazon for the 3 books of The Isles of Glory, which is always nice.

(OK, I know one is not supposed to put any store by Amazon reviews – they are all supposed to be written by one’s mother or best friend or something, right? And I promise you, once I am hugely famous and no longer need the reassurance that someone out there likes my work, I’ll stop reading them… Until then, bless you, you Amazon reviewers. I love you all. )

Next my Australian editor, wanting something to put in the 2007 sampler, read the new first chapter of The Song of Shiver Barrens (the old first chapter was totally scrapped) and seemed to like it enough to use. I’m a little embarrassed as it is only a day or two old and not polished, let alone copy edited! Still, I feel I must be on the right track.

And just a few minutes ago, my lovely agent (may she be showered with blessings in 2007) sent me an email detailing another offer for yet another foreign language version of The Isles of Glory to be published 2008.

In Trade first, then Mass Paperback. My first TRADE!! Eureka!

Major publisher in a major language. (Having once had an serious offer from a Big English Language Publisher that later fell through before signing, through no fault of either mine or my agent, I am not saying more than that, but believe me, I am already grinning from ear to ear on this one. ) Yay!!


The kind of day a writer dreams of having… — 14 Comments

  1. What a nice batch of good news 😉 Well done, Glenda.

    And about the Amazon reviews – writing is a lonely pursuit, and I’m happy to wring every last bit of motivation out of someone else’s kind words. It’s better than telling yourself you’re great all the time, which never leads anywhere good.

  2. Hell yeah. What Simon Says *grin*.

    I check up on Amazon stuff with what my husband thinks is a depressing regularity. Nice reviews are always a bonus.

  3. Really good start to 2007. And well deserved, of course. So pleased for you, glenda. :o)

    Forgive my ignorance, but what’s a 2007 sampler? (I’m thinking framed embroidery, but I’m sure that’s not the case!)

  4. Publisher’s tongue…

    A sampler is a little booklet that contains extracts of forthcoming books being published that year by that publisher. It is sent out free, to booksellers and distributors mostly, I think. Possibly to reviewers too? Some of the big publishers were distributing them at Worldcon – you may have got hold of one or two…

  5. Hi Glenda,
    Glad for you with all the good news. you deserve it. Can I pinch your photos of the colugo for my site? Can I? Can I? Have a wonderful time in Langkawi.

  6. Congrats. A fantastic way to start the year as hrugaar says.

    I sure the rest of the yearwill be just as wonderful.

    You deserve it. Well done.

  7. Great news, Glenda. It will all come to pass.

    Helen (with apologies if this shows up twice. Stupid computers. Mutter. Mutter.)

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