Ending the year…

So why no blog for so long? Well, this slow internet speed because of the overloaded undersea cables (the ones that aren’t broken) just drove me up the wall. I still haven’t received all my emails. And then we went away to Langkawi Island – more about that soon.

So let me start at the beginning – the end of 2006.

Hari Raya Haji – That’s what the celebration for the climax of the period of the Haj is called in Malaysia. And we always go back to Malacca for a family reunion – and, of course, a big feast with lots of festive food. And if there is something Malaysians do well, it is cook. This year the feast fell on the last day of the month – so this is what we spent the last day of 2006 doing. Eating.

The photo shows us trying to get the whole extended family, all dressed in festive finery, in the one place at the one time for the family photo – and there’s always one kid who has other ideas…!

If you look hard at Grandson, you will see that he has his arm in a sling. Yep, he spent his time back in the kampung breaking an arm by jumping off the sofa.


Ending the year… — 2 Comments

  1. Yup, I do miss the food. I’m cooking a second Christmas dinner today, which I love, but it’s not the same …

    My sister and both her children all broke their arms at an early age (not quite as young as your grandson) but that was from falling off bikes. They all turned out to be cracking good sports players, though. I, not.

    I do like your shirt/top in that photo, btw.

  2. I sent you a long email, Glenda. I hope it didn’t get spilled out of a broken cable. It was a rather long but overdue email from me.

    Donna that is.

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