Twin Towers for a two year old

So what do you do when you go to see the Petronas /Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur for the first time? Do you ooo and aaah over how high they are? Go shop for brand names that sell so much cheaper than in other cities? Reflect on those other Twin Towers that are no more?

Nope, not if you are two.

You stare at Bob the Builder. Or go sit on Thomas the Tank Engine.

You investigate the Teletubbies (and beg Mum to put more money in to make it move).
You stick your hand in every fountain you can find.
You make a beeline into the heart of the playground outside.
And then dash into the paddling pool, ignoring the towers soaring beyond it.

Oh, to be two, and have absolutely no idea what happened to the other Twin Towers, or the hell that incident led the whole world towards because our political leaders sought revenge and votes, not wisdom and vision…


Twin Towers for a two year old — 5 Comments

  1. How wonderful it would be if we cold all greet each experience as if it were the first time we’d had it. that’s where two year olds have it over us, I think:-)

    And BTW – congrats on the Aurealis short listing!

  2. Did you take him to the chocolate fountain inside KLCC? Heh.

    With last paragraphs last like that, it’s not surprising that you get shortlised for awards. :o)

  3. Kids have a way of cutting through all the folderol and seeing only what matters. They only know who loves ’em, who feeds ’em and if you yell, they forgive you the very next instant.

    My boy went for the moneyguzzling cartoon characters and fountains too. But we missed the playground. Perhaps he played with your grandson? He had so many friends-for-a-quick-romp in KL.

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