Stop the plane, I wanna get off!

Apparently, halfway between Chicago and Seoul, my grandson decided that he had had enough. “Time to get off,” he announced, and set off down the aisle of the plane to find the way out. Then got most indignant when he couldn’t find the door…

And how does one explain to a jet-lagged two-year-old that 11 p.m. is not the right time to wake up and start the day?


Stop the plane, I wanna get off! — 2 Comments

  1. I know just how your grandson felt on the plane!

    And I expect there comes a point on long haul flights where most parents of small children would be tempted to open the door and let the kids go play outside for two minutes, heh. :oD

    Don’t think you can explain really, just give him diversionary activities to get him to play quietly (if American children can play quietly, heh) and try to catch a nap when you can. Or try brandy in warm milk as a sedative, heh. His body-clock will adjust after a week or two…

    I’m sure you love having him to stay really. :o)

  2. Heh heh – reminds me of a nightmare trip from Auckland to Sydney with a four-week old baby. What should have taken three hours took six due to a head wind. The baby yelled non-stop; I was so stressed I had no milk and he wouldn’t take a bottle – not from me or his father or even the air hostess.

    You know, Glenda, I miss my little kids now they are big kids with kids of their own, but I soon stop being sentimental when I remember episodes like that one!

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