In my own garden…

Sometimes it is nice to be home in one’s own garden, after living in an apartment without as much as a pot plant.

Of course, this being the tropics, and with us away such a lot, the garden is more like a jungle to be explored at the moment. Still, the orchids are lovely…


In my own garden… — 7 Comments

  1. Yes, those orchids look really beautiful.

    My garden is also looking like a jungle – a very soggy jungle – but we don’t have the excuse of living in the tropics.

    Upcoming release makes it sound like you’ve been jailed for nonconformist thinking. Heh. (Hmm, maybe I’ve been working with the cops too long …)

  2. Don’t joke about that…in this country you can still get jailed for apostasy. Although, to be fair, they do bend over backwards trying NOT to do that, even though the law allows for it. “Wouldn’t you like to migrate? Or maybe just take an extended holiday in Upper Silesia? Anywhere but here, in fact?”

  3. Here on the rock I understand it’s still illegal to be a Catholic – one of those laws they never bothered to repeal, though they don’t currently enforce it.

    Does Apostasy include converting to Islam, or only away from it? And presumably converting from Christianity to Buddhism wouldn’t count?

    Apologies, I know it’s a serious issue. But putting a spin on serious things is my way of dealing with them, it helps restore my sense of the ridiculous.

    And gardens help restore my sense of perspective. :o)

  4. pOhmigosh; Hal Spacejock vanquishes the Tyranian Empire!

    Let’s hope it doesn’t get banned in Malaysia;-)

    You look happy to be home, Glenda, despite the crazy book-banning rampage. May your garden flourish all summer long.

  5. “Let’s hope it doesn’t get banned in Malaysia”

    It will if they get the gag at the bottom of page 98. Still, I could use the extra publicity 😉

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