How readers differ….

One of those lovely readers who are kind enough to comment on said some nice things about The Aware, and then added: “There is not the depth like in some fantasy tales but you’ll enjoy it nonetheless.”

Another reader was so taken with the sub-text in the whole Isles of Glory trilogy, of which The Aware is the first volume, that she wrote her thesis paper for her media studies degree using the trilogy as an example (the thesis is about colonialisation and hybridity and other interesting stuff). I have just learned that she has been awarded a first class for the thesis.

I am so chuffed for her – and me! That someone should choose my books as a literary example for what she was discussing just blows my mind. Congratulations, Uthpala. It was wonderful for me on another level – it meant that someone totally “got it”.


How readers differ…. — 5 Comments

  1. Wouldn’t agree with the not the depth comment – though (as with Tolkien) the depths are more subtle than obvious. Yes, Glenda, that is mean to be a compliment. :o)

    Pretty cool to be cited as a (favourable) literary example in an academic thesis, especially when that thesis is awarded a First. I get the impression that not many Fantasy authors are accorded much literary ‘weight’ in academic circles.

  2. My local A&R has just put out The Shadow of Tyr and of course I was first cab off the rank – but I was pleased to see that they’d ordered half a dozen copies! This is a country town of less than 25,000 people and most books show up on the shelves in ones and twos. In fact, another book I wanted – admittedly by a new author – was represented by a single copy and I had to ask them to save it for me until pay day. Of course, I’ll be busy with Shadow until then in any case!

    How wonderful to hear of a fan getting a first! I hope it leads to great things for her. Maybe Mirage Makers, with its themes of separation and alienation, will also provide material for theses:-)

  3. While not nearly as glamourous as a thesis, I also used the Isles of Glory trilogy as part of my studies. For my year twelve Comparative study essay, I compared themes, motifs and symbols displayed in the Isles of Glory trilogy (primarily The Aware) and in the Hayao Miyazaki anime film Spirited Away.

    Dont know how well I went. Results come in the mail this week. Fantastic christmas present, really.

  4. Oh wow. I am so….dunno, amazed. It’s wonderful to know that there are folk out there who thought enough of it to write about it…

    Thanks Sarah. And I shall keep my fingers crossed for a really, really nice Xmas present! Let me know!

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