Writers’ deadlines – who always meets them?

Ok, today Song of the Shiver Barrens is due. For the second time. And it is still not ready. Sigh.

Publication date is June, so it is probably not screamingly urgent yet, but nonetheless, I hate not meeting deadlines. I like to think of myself as professional, and meeting publishers’ deadlines is all part of that – but sometimes things won’t come right first time around, no matter how hard you work.

So, how many of you writers out there alway meet your deadlines? Go on, make me feel bad.

Back to work.


Writers’ deadlines – who always meets them? — 8 Comments

  1. So far so good (touch wood) – but I am due to submit book 3 of the YA trilogy by September of next year, and not only is it not even started yet the READING I have to do for it isn’t started yet, and I still have the editorial fiats for book 2 to deal with before I can even think of starting it – so there’s always a first time. Watch this space…

  2. I haven’t missed one yet, but they seem very fluid. ‘Oh, send it to us by the 24th, but you can take until the 9th if you need to.’

  3. Proof-reading deadlines and minor extras, I’m good. :o)

    The real deadlines (like getting the book written on time) my first book was 10 days late, and then it kind of went downhill from there. Mea maxima culpa.

    Fortunately, because of my family circumstances, my publishers were incredibly gracious and accommodating.

  4. i am late with articles on a regular basis but somehow do manage to make the final deadline – even if the piece is not as perfect as i’d like it to be

  5. Nice to know I am not alone…the deadline passed on MOnday, but it shall be submitted on Friday. Not too bad, except that it was actually first due end of July!

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