Who would have thought…

Who would have thought the simple question: What is a fantasy trilogy? could have raised so much comment. (See the post for last Saturday.)

And here is Donna in Kuala Selangor (the mouth of the Selangor River.
The NGO I belong to, The Malaysian Nature Society, is proud of what we did there to build a nature park in an area that others wanted to be yet another empty golf course for the wealthy. The first pix shows the park. Love that place, especially at dawn (when the otters are about) and at sunset.

The monkeys are Silvered Leaf Monkeys (not a macaque but a langur) very rare now, except in Kuala Selangor. The babies are bright orange for the first three months of life.

The final pix is a sea food restaurant in the fishing village where we ate and watched the sun go down, before going for a boat ride to see the fireflies.


Who would have thought… — 3 Comments

  1. The monkey is better looking than I am. Also people should note that a lot of these photos, Glenda snapped while I wasn’t aware. Now I know I should pose all the time, just in case someone snaps me unawares.

    The whole Kuala Selangor trip was great. I loved the nature park and birdwatching there. The fire fly trip was amazing. Paddling down river in the dark, but not dark enough. I wondered what people used to think about them (the fire flies) before science explained how and what they did or that they were bugs.

    Thanks Glenda for putting up the photos. You may be inundated with people wanting to visit you. I still think a writers retreat get together (at your house!) is a great idea.


  2. You stopped them building a golf course? I’ll never speak to you again!

    Actually, golf courses are among the most racist, sexist, classist, environmentally damaging constructs on the entire planet. Well done!

  3. You both had a good time and that is the important thing. As a zoologist, you can never have too many photos of animals for me to drool over. 🙂

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