The last bit of Borneo…

On hearing that I was sweating in a Kota Kinabalu power failure feeling miserable while he lived it up in the hotel, that man of mine hooked me up with someone joining the seminar late, and I got a lift from KK, a day late, to join him.

So this is me, waving to you from the northernmost tip of Borneo, where all these photos were taken.

My husband is a little deaf, has a bit of a paunch and is thinning on top – and I wouldn’t swap him for any of those cute film stars.
Anyway, he still looks pretty good in silhouette with the light behind him…

And while he was at the seminar, I managed to get half way through my first line edit of Song of the Shiver Barrens.


The last bit of Borneo… — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful photos! Especially the last two.

    So, when can we expect the “Pictorial Review of Malaysia” by Glenda Larke??

    Glad you caught a break, at last. 😉

    Cheers, Lisa.

  2. Beautiful place. You have such a thoughtful husband (even if washing machines confound him la). Great that you’ve been catching up on the line edit.

    What’s happening about the suspected jellyfish/shingles though? 😮

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