Perfect? hmmm…

My blog appears to be down, so I wondered if writing a new post might sort of get it up again. Which probably says a lot about my knowledge of the way things work. I never said I was a geek, did I? Me, I was born back in the days when they didn’t have plastic, let alone computers, and I’ve been trying to catch up ever since.

Mr Marketing Man got back to me and said the photo of the madwoman with a stick insect was “perfect”. Which probably means that he took one look and decided that there was no way they could market me as the sophisticated elegant writer who dines at Four Seasons wearing her Chanel suit and her Jimmy Choo’s with heels so high you need a step ladder to put them on.

Hey, I can chat in four languages and identify a few thousand birds at a glance – you can’t have everything, ok?

And here’s another photo of a disembodied Kinabalu and some vegetable stalls, taken along the main road in Kundasang. There’s a war memorial here which is one of the saddest places on earth – in one of the most beautiful.

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