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Imagine this. You are English and live in London and want to go to Scotland. You get stopped at the border by the Scots and they ask to see your passport, and then tell you can stay 3 months – as long as you don’t work.

Or perhaps you are a New Yorker wanting to go to California, or a Sydneysider hopping across to Perth…same thing; you get stopped at the border, or as you get off the plane.

Weird, huh?

That’s Sabah for y0u. That’s right…come to Sabah and you, a Malaysian, have to go through immigration. When I told my husband that I could stay until the middle of next year no problems, he refused to believe it and insisted that I go to the Immigration Dept to see if that was correct. So, muttering under my breath, I made the trek, and double-checked.

That’s right dear – Me the foreigner can stay here in Sabah with less hassle than you the West Malaysian can. So there.


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  1. Glenda – on this day Selinda made a wonderful trip to my wedding in the UK and lost her luggage on route. When I got to the church she looked like a movie star and proceded to charm all the guests until midnight … only to leave at 0600 to head back to the US … She is a credit to you and a fantastic friend … ZB

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