Back for a moment….

Came down from the mountain last night. Off to the Marine Park near Kota Kinabalu today.

My daughter – back in the early eighties – was the youngest kid to climb Mount Kinabalu under her own steam. (She made the top before I did that day.) She was on the front page of a local newspaper under the headline: “Tigress of Kinabalu”, a tag which I am sure she wants to forget.

Now she has just done it again some 25 years later. Fortunately, the morning they made the peak was brilliantly clear.
This time I didn’t go. Knees won’t tolerate that kind of thing any more.

And now we are off to soak up some sun and sand and sea water.


Back for a moment…. — 5 Comments

  1. hmmm…somehow Tiger of Kinabalu sounds more impressive than Tigress of Kinabalu. Tiger seems to suggest a hero. Tigress suggests snarling bad temper to me…*g*

  2. i was researching the youngest kid climbing mt. kinabalu & came across this page. i am planning a trip for my family around end of may 2007. my kids are 9 & 11 boys. The mother is worry.. 🙁 I feel they will be ok. it’s my 1st time to attempt mt. kinabalu. thus scouting some advice n experience from http://www..

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