Life on the back of a bus.

[Quite literally…]

I have pinched a post from the blog of my daughter’s band [see here] over in Glasgow, because it made me laugh. Here’s what she says:

“O.k. o.k., so I finally admit that it’s me on the last Belle and Sebastian album cover ‘the life pursuit’. What I didn’t realise when I agreed to do it is that they would stick my face on fridge magnets, glow in the dark nashii t-shirts, shopping bags and wait for it, my eight foot face on the, yep … back of a bus. Even the thought of this makes me furrow my brow and look worried, even now.

“Trouble is, it was supposed on the 44 bus. The 44 travels peacefully through the leafy beautiful west end of Glasgow, cruising past the delis, cafes, down past the grand looking university. In fact, the 44 travels right in front of my house too and I suppose they figure past potential Belle and Sebastian fans.

“Trouble is they put it on the 45 bus. The forty five travels wildly through the south side of Glasgow, cruising past the hoods and banged up derelict drug-addled sink estates of the Gorbals. In fact, the 45 travels past the place where a 12-year-old just died from a smack overdose, too, and I figure past every potential person that would probably eat Belle and Sebastian fans for dinner.

“So with a failed mission, the manager of Belle and Sebastian kicks up a fuss with the bus company. Guess what the result is: ‘Totally, we get the point of your complaint, but no matter who you are, we aint re-routing no bus for you but .. tell you what, we’ll give you a free month!’

“Awesome. My face is still rumbling around the south side of Glasgow as we speak. Our friend and Engineer, Jim Brady, said he nearly smacked into the back of it the other day in total surprise as my huge face towered above him. I think he must have been mesmerised by my meter long duck lips. Hah! “


Life on the back of a bus. — 1 Comment

  1. Talk about surreal …

    and tell that nong daughter of yours she doesn’t have duck lips, she’s a stunner. *g*

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