Glenda goes bush for a photo…

I have read with interest what everyone had to say about photos..and have decided that you are probably right. Glenda less formal is probably a better way to go.

Baggy clothes, binoculars round my neck, standing in a drain and not a skerrick of make-up in sight…this was me yesterday, up in Kinabalu Park. {We were up there giving some presentations – me talking about birds on migration and Ramly on the insect-eating fungus of Maliau Basin (absolutely gross subject: those you wish to destroy, drive insane first so they climb up and cling to the underside of a leaf and you can then eat the body and disperse your children – i.e. more predator spores. Now there’s an sf plot)}.

Anyway, seriously, we are going to try to take a few shots out in the forest and see what happens…watch this spot for more horrendous pix of the fantasy-writing, jungle-bashing Krone of Kota Kinabalu…


Glenda goes bush for a photo… — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Glenda. Found you from Sharon’s blog. Good stuff here on creeative writing (haven’t done any since I shifted jobs, I’m afraid, and am thinking of taking Sharon’s course). Say hi to the Good Doctor for me, please! Zarina (Ina).

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