Awful day

The power was off all morning, the internet slowed down to the pace of an anorexic snail with a wonky slime trail this evening – so forget the post on copy editing. Tomorrow, ok? So take a look at my grandson on his second birthday last month instead. Isn’t he cute? And maybe it will help you forget that a certain Middle Eastern country seems to have gone completely bonkers this week.

Apparently the way to get on with your neighbours in that part of the world is to blow them all to pieces. The theory might be that if they don’t have a viable country left, they will treat you with courtesy next month.

Well, I have prophetic powers. And here’s a predicition, Israel. Sadly, you will spend the next twenty years wondering why people hate you so much that they strap explosives to their bodies and blow themselves and your kids up in pizza joints. Sound familiar?
I really, really, wish that wasn’t going to be true.
I really, really wish that history taught people lessons, not hate.
The horrible truth is that violence begets violence. If you want peace, this is not the way to obtain it. I thought Hizbollah were about as bad as you could get. Now I’m not so sure.


Awful day — 2 Comments

  1. It’s horrible to think of all those little kids, just like our dear grandchildren, who will die in both Lebanon and Israel before this episode is over. Even worse, it is, to think of the survivors who will grow up hating the children of the people who sent the bombs and rockets, so they will send bombs and rockets in their turn as soon as they are old enough.

    The Buddha said “Hatred is never cast out by hatred, but only by love. This is a universal law.” I am sure Jesus, Mohammed and the early rabbis all said similar things, yet we haven’t got the message even now. Are we humans stupid or what?

  2. Yep, I reckon so.
    It seems unbelievable that anyone, on either side, thinks what is happening at the moment is a good idea.

    I feel sick, just thinking about it.

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