Next time you are in Barnes & Noble…

…or better still, in your local speciality bookstore in the US, don’t forget to buy The Tainted.

Yes, that’s right, the last book of The Isles of Glory is now out in the USA. And I promise you, it won’t disappoint. If you haven’t read any of them, why not buy all three? 🙂

[And unlike some, my trilogies are just that, trilogies. They don’t go on forever.]

For those of you who haven’t tried my work, let me say a little about these three books. From the American covers, you’d think they were stories of sort of Amazonian-type pirate swordswomen. They are not really, even though there is plenty of action.

The middle book was, in fact, more the story of a male pacifist physician who got caught up in a battle he really didn’t want, a scientist who suddenly finds himself surrounded by the magic he doesn’t believe in and wants an explanation for.
This last book brings all the different elements together and introduces a new character – a tiderider who does exactly that for a living – he rides a bore tide.

There’s loads of action, disaster, triumph, politics and love. Mostly it’s a book about ordinary people rather like us trying to live in an extraordinary time in an extraordinary world.

The last book also brings the world outside of the Isles into focus, as the writer of the letters and journal that have framed the story arrive on the Isles, and you find out exactly what “The Change” is.

The Tainted, like the first book of the trilogy (The Aware) in 2003, was shortlisted for the best fantasy novel of the year in 2004, Aurealis Awards.

It was also voted by readers – in conjunction with Voyager Books 10th year anniversary in Australia – one of the top ten favourite books of the imprint over the last ten years. Lord of the Rings topped the list, which included other classics such as Fahrenheit 451, Feist’s Magician, Tolkien’s The Hobbit. (As you can imagine, I was staggered to see it on such a list!)

Read an extract here. And a few review quotes here.

So go out and buy it, and then pop over to Amazon and write a review – good or bad!!!!!

(In Malay this post is what is called “angkat bakul sendiri” – based on the concept of standing in a bucket and then lifting it up yourself…*grin*)

Oh, and here’s an interesting fact – I wasn’t asked to check the blurb on the back cover. So there is a rather large factual error about the story there. See if you can spot it.


Next time you are in Barnes & Noble… — 8 Comments

  1. At last!!! Congratulations, the triplets are finally all born!

    And yes, folks, do yourselves a favour and read this series. It’s excellent fantasy!

  2. Congrats on the release 🙂 Here’s hoping that all those souls that were waiting for the release of book three will rush out, buy the lot and settle in for a WONDERFUL ride 🙂

  3. I have all three – you were kind enough to provide me with the AUSTRALIAN editions with the NICE covers [grin] but I shall no doubt be buying a copy in my local B&N just to make a point. mazeltov!

    (Oh, and I’ve finally started on “mirage” – about halfway through now – ACE worldbuilding, Glenda!

  4. Congratulations!

    I had the first when I was in college but had to abandon it (with many others) when I moved…
    I can’t find any of them in my local bookstores but I ordered all three. Hopefully they’ll be here before I move! It takes them so long to bring me books and their fantasy collection is really poor.

    I’m looking forward to them!

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