A New York without monuments

Now I know why I didn’t see any monuments in New York. I thought it was because we were in the company of an adorable two-year-old who was more interested in playgrounds and watching trains in the subway, but the truth was, according to the Dept of Homeland Security, that NY doesn’t have monuments. Right. Glad I have that straight in my mind. At least I guess that means no one is going to blow anything up there any more.

Anyway, here’s a grandma and a two-year-old’s New York. Playgrounds and the zoo in Central Park, and me gawping at the sight of trishaws in NY. Here in Malaysia those are a symbol of a past we want to leave behind.
Such is life – somewhere along the line what is old ceases to be out-of-date and dowdy, and becomes quaint and chic. Would that would happen to me too…


A New York without monuments — 3 Comments

  1. Your grandie, Glenda, is one gorgeous guy. Probably going to break a lot of hearts in twenty years’ time!

    Quaint and Chic? Nah. Quaint implies, to me, some sort of DIY job on something from yesteryear while chic…hey, it takes time and money! Ergo, writers don’t do chic:-)

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