Friendly New York

A Readers’ Digest study found that New York is actually one of the most friendly cities.

I can attest to that, on the basis of the visit I made a few weeks back. Several times people took the time to ask if I needed help when I was alone, presumably because I looked a bit lost and had a guide book in my hand. When I was out with my daughter and the almost-two in his stroller – believe me, you need help. Ever tried to lug a large toddler and a stroller and sundry other items down crowded subway steps? Numerous people went out of their way to assist. I was constantly reminded of how much I like Americans.

Which in turn makes me marvel how so many nice people can elect such an awful government that has so thoughtlessly squandered the goodwill and sympathy felt for their country and New York on 9/11.


Friendly New York — 2 Comments

  1. “so many nice people can elect such an awful government…”
    You know i would have to agree with you on that. I think now that everything has happen i think that people have come to reget their decision. But like they say–“If you dont vote dont complain.”

    I have stumbled across your blog through Trudi Canvans. I have say the pictures you have taken are wonderful. They speak brightly and about the places. I also love your bird and bug pictures. Also i love your helpfull lessons that you post in your blog, I myself am young writer (nothing published) but I like to write and they are very helpfull for my grammar, which i am not very good at.

  2. Hi Chasmine, welcome. I came from a country where voting is compulsary, and I have come to the conclusion that it works better that way. (Although I can’t say that it necessariy produces quality government!)

    Good luck with your writing.

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