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Heart of the Mirage (book 1 of The Mirage Makers)

Fifth Review of Heart of the Mirage May 31, 2006
Fourth Review (Heart of the Mirage) May 26, 2006
Third Heart of the Mirage Review May 10, 2006
Anticipation. For Ages May 08, 2006
Second Review (Heart of the Mirage) May 03, 2006
First Review (Heart of the Mirage) May 01, 2006
Feedback trickles in…. April 28, 2006
Heart of the Mirage extract April 10, 2006
About Heart of Mirage March 27, 2006
So what’s the book about? March 23, 2006
The Mirage Makers trilogy map March 03, 2006
Orange in April March 01, 2006

Isles of Glory trilogy: The Aware, Gilfeather, The Tainted

Covers again: gotta love ’em March 19, 2006
There are covers…and there are, um, covers March 10, 2006
The Isles of Glory US edition February 07, 2006

Havenstar (writing as Glenda Noramly)

Havenstar sells….! March 03, 2006
The Russian translation March 24, 2006
Havenstar makes money February 19, 2006

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