Second review…

There’s a lovely review of Heart of the Mirage up on the site of the speciality Galaxy Bookstore in Sydney (can’t wait to visit in one day). The book is their selected “fave rave” new title for this month. I think this is the best review I’ve ever had anywhere.

Larke has granted the reader a near-perfect escape into a breathtaking adventure. Heart of the Mirage is so real, your pulse will race and your breath catch…

The review ends with this:

To my mind, Larke’s self-assurance, insight and guts – much in the traditon of Robin Hobb, Carol Berg and even Elizabeth Moon – firmly places her on the list as one of the very best Australian writers of fantasy fiction.

Moments don’t get much better than this.


Second review… — 4 Comments

  1. Well, my dear, it just arrived in my mailbox this afternoon – and I look forward to diving in! It looks wonderful – that cover looks even better in real life than it did on the VOyager website. Many thanks!

  2. Ah, but will you have time to read it…? Every time I want to sit down with a book, I feel guilty because I know I ought to be writing.

    No one warned me about this downside of contracts and being published!

  3. read my LJ… [sigh]

    And I envy your reviews. As far as I can tell there hasn’t been a ONE of “Embers”…

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