More on that HotM review…

Fellow Voyager author and special friend Karen Miller very, very kindly chased down Jason Nahrung for me and I have now seen the review from the Brisbane Courier-Mail.
Apart from the bit I’ve already quoted, Jason also said:

Larke provided a refreshing approach in her previous Isles of Glory trilogy, and her new release, Heart of the Mirage (Voyager, $20.95), continues to engage.

At the end of the review he adds this:

Larke presents an examination of the ethics of imperialism and disenfranchisement. It is no accident the story is dedicated to Australia’s Stolen Generation and the Disappeared Ones of Argentina.

He’s actually the first person to have made mention of this acknowledgement to be found at the back of the book. If you have a copy, do read this. I don’t believe in being preachy in fiction, but nonetheless, this story is my (inadequate) tribute to people who suffered in a particularly heartrending way.


More on that HotM review… — 2 Comments

  1. You’re so so so welcome. *ggg*

    Jason’s a very thoughtful reviewer, and he really does notice the stuff that needs to be noticed.

    And I have to say, the tribute’s not inadequate.


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