Second home.

Am feeling rather extravagant. We now have two places to call home.

The photos show the block of apartments in Sabah where we are renting; the view from one end of the block; and the pond at the other end.

Ramly assures me the pond has kingfishers although I swear he’s imagining things. It does have a metre long water monitor, though, that does high dives into the water from the bank every time we approach.

And the bird life in the huge compound (takes two or three minutes to walk to the front gate!) is magnificent – our balcony looks out over some fruiting ficus, for a start, and the Pink-necked Green Pigeons rummage around inside them like kids at a lucky dip, groaning and muttering and moaning under the mistaken impression they are producing birdsong.

For quite a few days after we arrived, I could have sworn that Mt Kinabalu was imaginary too, but it finally popped its crown out from under the clouds and – if you look closely at the third photo! – you will see its summit.

And finally I am online again. It took days to get a bright orange telephone installed (even though there was already a line) and when they did not give us a choice as to colour I didn’t say a word.


Second home. — 6 Comments

  1. The place looks lovely, Glenda. It almost makes up for missing the Aussie cons this year:-) I hope your stay there will be very happy and productive.

    Did you do Sohrab and Rustum in High School? Samarkand, Aiderbaijan, Jaxartes, Kipchek, Korassan… Even better than “In Xanadu, did Khubla Khan…” and “Silent, upon a peak in Darien”.

    Just gotta write fantasy!

  2. It does indeed sound fantastic. But then you’ll be missing lots of it in the US, won’t you????

    Take lots of photos with you. And yay! You’re back on line.


  3. How nice. I feel extravagant when I have enough to eat for a day. 🙂 I seldom even feel vagant, never mind the extra 🙂

  4. It looks wonderful, really looking forward to visiting there soon … though sorry that you won’t be there at the same time. Guess I’ll just have to make a second visit. :o)

  5. Hrugaar – why not? Such a shame we are missing one another. Would have been great to get together and have a writerly grouse or two!

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