The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Malaysia grows coffee. So one would think it was possible to get good fresh coffee beans, or ground coffee, right?

Not so easy. Not here in Sabah anyway. Well, maybe you can, but by the time it is being sold to you, the consumer, it is no longer just coffee. I did the rounds of all the supermarkets in our area looking for decent coffee – found shelves and shelves of instant stuff, and local coffee grounds – but alas, a look at the packet of the latter reveals that it includes everything from margarine to salt to as much as 40% sugar! And I don’t take any sugar in my coffee. There’s even a drink that is a mix of tea and coffee, if you can believe that. I’m sure there must be somewhere sells just coffee…it’s a matter of finding it.

The photo was taken in the Sunday Market in downtown KK, with the girl trying to sell me coffee beans. Ah, I thought, at last. And then I took a closer look. They were all wet and shiny looking…margarine and salt and sugar had all been added. Sigh.

I’m a writer. I need my coffee.


The Perfect Cup of Coffee — 7 Comments

  1. boo!

    well that really sux… not that i drink coffee… but i hate not being able to find a particular ice-cream i want πŸ˜›

  2. hello

    still working on becoming a author. when i write a story that i would like to show you i will send it to you…. i think dad knows you’re email.

  3. Hey, margerine in coffee is good :)but seriously, it’s an acquired taste. πŸ™‚ anyways, you don’t go looking for coffee in Sabah, you go looking for pepper πŸ™‚ that they have πŸ™‚

  4. When my cousin worked in the Sudan, the locals used to make tea by throwing the water, tea, milk and sugar all into the kettle, and then boiling it all up together. Urgh.

    Sounds like I’d better carry a coffee supply with me when I visit Sabah.

  5. Margarine in coffee? Ugh! Sounds worse than that tsampa stuff the Tibetans make out of their tea.

    Me, I adore coffee. I drink it with lots of soy milk, which, sadly, is very fattening. I don’t like it black, so the only answer is to give up the world’s best drink. Well, almost. I still have one cup of decaf on most days and the rest of the time I’m drinking herbal teas. At least I’m losing weight and not getting palpitations, but I think the price is pretty damned high!

    Abby, can we look forward to seeing your name on a book cover in a few years? I hope so!

  6. Hi Abby – look forward to reading it. Love to your Mum and Dad…hope you read all the bits and pieces I put up here about writing! Looks as if I won’t be down in Perth again for a while, sadly. Tell me what you think of Heart of the Mirage when you read it!

    Ah, Hrugaar – work on the principle of try anything once. It’s the twice that requires thought πŸ˜€

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