Imagine the scene:

Two woman, one of them on the wrong side of sixty, going along to a place called Nice ‘n’ Sleazy in Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, on a Saturday night at about 11 p.m. to listen to a band called f-o.machete. Only thing is in Glasgow the f.o. is spelled out in full…

They walk down a steep set of stairs with the walls papered with cheap flyers from – by the look of it – the last twenty years, into a dark cellar. The bouncer should have gently turned them around and said: dearies, I think you’d better toddle back hame.

However, we were there to hear my daughter’s band : Callan, Paul and Nashii. (See here for their website.)

We shoved ear plugs in – didn’t seem to make much difference, frankly – and to my surprise, we actually enjoyed the music. The band has a great sound and interesting lyrics. Although it was probably just as well her dad wasn’t there to hear the first line of the first song…

Ok, so I would have enjoyed it more if it had been half the volume, but the crowd all standing in that cellar that night adored them. (What is it with modern music that it has to be loud enough to rattle your ribs and loosen the fillings in your teeth? No, don’t answer that.)

This month they have a single (cd and 7″) out in Scotland and a cd out in Australia. The single is called what’s the signal and you can buy it the download from their website, and most i-tune stores around the world after the 24th April. The Australian cd is from Jam Recordings and it is out tomorrow. It is called If Gold Was Silver and Silver Was Gold – four songs and a video on the cd. See here for details and online sales. I believe i-tunes have or are going to feature the band…

The photos are from Simon Clark – a NZ photographer now working out of London. He came up to Edinburgh during the festival when I was there, to take photos of the band (see left)…

(Take a look at some of his other work here – the shots of refugees taken in Kosovo are heartbreaking and haunting).


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  1. Surfing around the FO Machete links — I love them already! Very cool. I will be sure to check out their EP.

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