Borneo comes closer and closer

Started the process today of sending my aging car over to Sabah. Hope it survives the trip without shedding bits and pieces along the way. Husband will be coming down in the world driving this one, stuck all over as it is with stickers from nature reserves and wetlands and nature societies and bird clubs. Come to think of it, maybe it’s the stickers that holds it all together. I’d better warn him not to try unpeeling them. In the meantime, I get to drive his much, much newer car around K.L. until such time as I join him…nice.

And here’s a view of the view from inside the new apartment. Apparently, to get that view of Mt Kinabalu I spoke of earlier, you have to hang out over the side of the balcony with someone else holding on to your ankles.

On the writing front, I have hit the halfway mark of Song of the Shiver Barrens, the third book of The Mirage Makers. That’s halfway of the first draft – but still, “halfway” sounds good.


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