Havenstar sells…!

There has been one copy of Havenstar on sale at Amazon.com for ages now, not surprising seeing as the price was a colossal $US 107 for a paperback. (See my remarks on Feb 19th ). The sales ranking was well over one million.

Well, the darn thing has sold. The sales ranking is now 300,000 plus, and there are no more on sale – and my bottom jaw is down near my knees somewhere. Someone paid $107 for a book of mine? I am beginning to eye my two copies and wonder…


Havenstar sells…! — 7 Comments

  1. Glenda, I hope you’ve told HC about this. They really ought to re-publish Havenstar, if the rights thing can be sorted out. Do the rights revert to the author when a publisher goes belly-up?

  2. I just ordered a copy for 14 pounds plus 6 pounds shipping to the US. About $36 us dollars. That’s an indulgence, but one I could manage. Upwards of $100? Never, not worth it.

  3. Anon 1 – I wish!

    Satima – HC has a copy of the book. But I have to prove myself as a best seller before they’ll think about it. And I do have the rights. I have been thinking quite seriously about PoD – perhaps in a year or two if no one will re-publish it. I know it would sell.

    Anon 2 – Lord, I do hope you think it’s worth $36 once you’ve read it. Or hey, maybe you will be able to sell it for $USD 100 afterwards!

  4. Actually, there’s a copy on abe.com for $ 242.28 USD right now. That’s really excessive. While I do tend to hoard my books, If I can make $200 reselling something I bought for $36 that might almost be tempting. I liked the sample chapter and The Aware and Gilfeather quite a bit. I’m not worried that I’ll think my money wasted.

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