And I have to hear about my daughter’s car accident by reading her blog…?

Kids! When I complained, she said ‘Well, Mum, I learn all sorts of things first from reading your blog…’ Sign of the times, I guess. We live in different countries and blog publicly before we talk privately. How mad is that?

My daughter is surreal. She has a penchant for weird car accidents. In this one she had a car full of drums.
My first accident was backing into a broken-down post. Hers? She managed to drive into the side of a stationary three-week-old Bentley.
And if that wasn’t enough, there was a fatality too, but fortunately he was dead first. Yep, she drove her car into a hearse. With a body in a coffin. And flowers. And an audience of mourners waiting for the procession to drive off to the cemetery. I hope they had a sense of humour as they watched the coffin rocking under the impact.

Her band has just had a single out in UK, and it is doing well – nice reviews. They have their next release in Australia, April 10th. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, you can visit their website here: F.O.Machete.

Photos by Simon Clark


And I have to hear about my daughter’s car accident by reading her blog…? — 6 Comments

  1. And there’s that gorgeous Glenda-inspired face again … *g*

    Hey, mother, at least she doesn’t write cars off in spectacular and amazingly death-defying ways. Like moi. Taken out by out of control station wagons. Turning directly in the path of oncoming trucks. You know. Because life just gets so dull sometimes, doesn’t it????

    Very pleased she’s okay and the dead guy didn’t complain and the reviews for her release are good. Like mother, like daughter!


  2. Thnk you Susan. And don’t take any notice of Karen. My daughter does not look like me. Fortunately for her.

    And yes, Anon, I’m afraid they do – the result of going abroad for university studies and then meeting a guy…

    I swear, the younger one called the band that because she knew people would ask her Mum what F.O. stood for…

  3. Ask her Mummy, Glenda? That’s a good one. Glad no one got hurt though. *love*

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