Malaysia Boleh!

I was blocked from adding a comment to the Live Journal of a pal the other day. The reason? My ISP was known to be the origin of too much spam. And my ISP is…TMnet, who else. Which is – I assume – Malaysia’s biggest ISP. Once again, Malaysia boleh. Or maybe I should say, Malaysians boleh.

Maybe I’d better explain for the benefit of my overseas readers what that means, because I’m bound to use this a lot. Literally: “Malaysia can”. It is supposed to be an optimistic assessment of the country’s ability to tackle anything, whether it be to win a Nobel Prize, perhaps, or host a future Olympics.

Unfortunately it has come to be used much more cynically by Malaysians themselves, to mean “Yeah, we can do anything – silly stuff like ski across Antarctica, or drop cars on the North Pole, or sail around the world single-handedly,” all of which have successfully achieved to great fanfare, believe it or not.

And it seems that we can also rank among the world’s best spammers.


Malaysia Boleh! — 2 Comments

  1. Well I have TMNet, and I have _never_ been blocked, so it can’t be an ISP-based thing. Too many people leave their systems open to trojans and whatnot, and then they (the trojans) spam the sites, which block them. I can’t see why it’s TM’s fault that you got blocked. You don’t blame the JPJ everytime you get involved in an accident, do you ? 🙂

  2. “Malaysia Boleh!”
    “… …I can’t see why it’s TM’s fault that you got blocked… …”

    Pls type the word “TMNet” in Google search engine, and see what’s happen.

    Will you get Good comments or Bad feedback more?

    TMNet or TMNut?
    The answer is very clear, and it is the real fact in this 3rd world country.

    It is shame to shout “Malaysia Boleh” to the world. MB = Mana Boleh!!

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