Sometimes the task seems overwhelming. Which is what I am feeling at the moment. I have to do a final edit on the latest book, and while the story is fine, it’s not in the right order. And the trouble is that when you start switching scenes around, it can alter a lot more than you bargained for. All of a sudden character X doesn’t know something because that incident hasn’t happened yet in the storyline. So I have to go back and insert bits and cut other bits out…

Aargh! It’s a nightmare.

Maybe that’s how my grandson felt when he went to learn about falconry — and someone handed him a buzzard instead of a falcon. The wingspan is wider than he is tall!


It has been a long time since I updated my blog…but I am back.

A lot has happened, not all of it good, much of it related to the health of my husband and me. And of course, Covid has interrupted much of life just by existing. Even now, we are worried about my husband’s family members who are suffering its inroads, and one much loved member is currently in hospital.
My husband and I, however, are about as safe as it is possible to be. Both of us have had two AstraZenica jabs. We live in a place which goes into lock-down whenever the disease pops up. (Unfortunately we also live under a federal government who gave very little attention to obtaining vaccines, which has meant that Australia has one of the world’s worst vaccination rates as a percentage of the population.)

I have finished a new book, in the sense that there is a beginning, a middle and an end — however, I was not happy with it. I’ve sought the help of wonderful readers and, and as a result I have now embarked on a very thorough re-write, mostly to do with the structure of the novel, rather than the story which I still think is sound.

When and how will it be published? Not sure. Probably self-published…

LOCK-DOWN (West Australian style) : At the moment we are three days into a lock-down where we must wear a mask when we leave the house…which can only be for grocery shopping, medical reasons and an hour’s exercise nearby. Luckily we have lovely wild places just outside our back gate, see below.



 The difference between Australian, French, German, UK, Russian, US covers of the same book:

The marketing people don’t seem to care that they might be misrepresenting the product (which would, one would think, lead to a dissatisfied customer who is not going to come back to that author again). All they want to do is sell the book. That seems short-sighted. I’d love to know what readers think.